Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Small Victories

Well today my wife gave me the go ahead to start putting money aside towards the purchase of 2 things:  A generator and small solar power system.  After I returned home from Afghanistan we had a 6 hour power outage.  So yes in the middle of February in the freezing cold my house had no power. Afterwards my wife said we should but a generator to run some things around the house and more importantly a small heater.  While that is no longer a problem as the house we have recently purchased has a fireplace (for which we had started to stockpile wood) we still have some thing that she just CAN'T live without, such as her hair dryer and other small appliances.  The other day we had a small power outage, and so she brought it up again and I also edged in a small solar system to help run the lights and charge our electronics.  To that end we have set up a small allotment to automatically put $75 every 2 weeks in a savings account to accomplish that goal.  This gives me time to shop around and do my research on what would be the best fit for my house. 

I can through some local companies put a lot down on a household back up generator, by which they would come and install it and set it up for us so that it will kick in as soon as the power shuts off.  The downside is its cost and its advertisement during a crisis.  The upside is it massive convenience and of course reliability through warranty.  I on the other hand am considering going the other route, the one of space and mobility.  I would still have to pay a fair amount for a good generator and that is fine by me.  The generator would have to have a good wattage and be small enough to transport in my truck if my family and I have to leave the area.  Also such a generator would need a fuel source that is just as mobile and I can accomplish that by acquiring some mil-spec fuel cans.

When it comes to the solar power system, I will need to do more research and improve my skills when it comes to electricity so that I can be ready to build what many on YouTube and other sites call a power box or portable power unit.  That would be a excellent way have my cake and eat it too so to speak.  Such a system would be easily mobile and simple to operate all the devices that we REALLY need.

Well that's my little hooray for today.  Just goes to show you that out of some small inconveniences in life you can set yourself up to put you and your family in a better overall position to be ready for whatever life throws at you.

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