Below are some links to some sites that I consider very helpful for those who have questions about prepping or survival.
Good Info
More good stuff here
Got to put The Survival Podcast in here, love to listen to them while driving to work.
Good Posts and how-to's
Love the tips
A real good forum with tons of practical info on it
This is where it all started, right here well sorta (YouTube) Kev's videos and experiences helped to ignite that small spark of having myself prepared. This is his forum.
I ordered his book, lots of good info even though it is a bit on the hardcore side for me. Still excellent material, I would still recommend the book to people.
The name is funny, but what this site has on it is not.  Good Practical information slightly disguised in ravenous undead zombie hordes... No really, great things to read up on to ready yourself for....whatever life throws at you.
Safecastle's site, if your going to prepare and you want to purchase some things to get you there, this is the site.
Nitro-Pak is another good site to find freeze dried, dehydrated, or long-term storage foods.
I have more links that I will add over time and I may go so far as to separate them to make it easy on you guys.