Part of any good defense is layers, so lets get on to layers of gear as they are your defense against life's little mishaps.

Glove Box Kit
Below is what I call my Glove Box Kit, aside from my EDC this is what I have in my truck for those days when I forget part of my EDC or I need just a little extra.

This particular kit was made with mostly things from around the house, things that were old or considered junk.  I did order things to make my kits just a little bit more organized.

So as the you will notice it has most of the things that you find on someones EDC plus a little more.
In the red Petzl case I stuffed some cotton balls and generally have a small tube of "chap stick" the kind with the screw on cap to prevent heat from melting it out of its case.  In the small atomizer its some 90% rubbing alcohol which can be used to many things like fire starting and general sterilizing.  The small spy capsules have pills (Excedrin, Imodium, and Zantac), nothing exotic just what I typically use.  In the black capsule I put matches and striker and in the pockets I put one package of MRE TP and some band aids.  like I said this is not some super secret squirrel kit with trauma dressings and extra pistol clips...though...that might not be a horrible idea for a get home bag...ah but that will be later now.  This kit is for that everyday stuff like walking out the door and realizing that you left your regular knife behind you know you will have a back-up or get that roving headache you will already have something to take care of that.

So as you see if you ever need that little something extra you will have it, one thing out of many to help you on your daily adventures.